The sceptics amongst you could be forgiven for asking if Augmented Reality has finally come of age for retail.  Certainly it's been used to great effect in marketing campaigns of late, but it is still to be deployed on large scale e-commerce sites or throughout retail stores as part of the buying experience. 

It's really hard to find good data on the subject.  However, I serendipitously found some interesting and insightful data on how Augmented Reality increases sales conversion rates. Thank you Hidden Creative.  Their research revealed a 135% increase in likelihood to buy when experiencing an augmented reality version of a product versus looking at a product image. Their research also discovered that AR has a positive impact on value perception - with the survey particpants valuing the AR product 33% higher than the non AR product.

Very encouraging!

We're hoping to see both an increase in conversion from our AR implementation at Tesco, as well as a reduction in returns.

It's great to see Hidden Creative sharing this data so openly.  I hope we can do the same when we get the results back from Tesco.